Imminent Inc Shares July Conference Highlights

The management of Imminent Inc, a leading provider of sales and marketing services, announced that team members participated in two conferences during July at which they expanded their professional networks.

“July was a busy month for Team Imminent Inc,” stated one of the company’s managers. “Everyone had a chance to travel and network during the last few weeks. We’ve all returned to the office refreshed and ready to put the insights we gathered and the contacts we’ve made to good use.”

The first trip was an all-company venture to a conference in Minneapolis . “The focus of this excursion was for everyone to advance their professional development,” explained the manager. “The team had a chance to practice their networking prowess for the very first time.”

For many Imminent Inc brand ambassadors, this was their first travel venture with the company, one that offered them a taste of the business networking opportunities that make these conferences so appealing. One attendee observed, “It was exciting to be part of this event. We’ve heard about how great it is to be selected for an industry-wide function. Now that we’ve seen first-hand what they have to offer, we’re all setting our sights on going to a bigger conference in the future.”

In fact, top performers had a chance later in the month to earn a trip to Newport Beach, California. “The people selected for this coveted adventure demonstrated great leadership skills and dedication to our company’s vision. These go-getters are motivated to get results and truly worked for the right to attend this huge event,” the manager said, adding, “Each one had a chance to connect with influential industry leaders, and soak in the knowledge and best practices offered. They also took time for some R&R on the beach!”

Why Networking Is Important to Imminent Inc and What Practices They Apply

These conferences were only two of the many networking opportunities available to Imminent Inc. The manager stated, “We look for avenues to meet new people wherever we go. Whether we’re running a campaign, participating in a community event, or even volunteering, we’re on the lookout for new relationship possibilities.”

Quality versus quantity is the rule of thumb passed on to team members when building contacts. “One of the most important factors to consider when growing our networks is it’s not a numbers game,” she added. “We recommend that our people focus on making one or two solid connections each event. This way, they can nurture each relationship. As a practice, this is far more effective than simply collecting business cards.”

The manager concluded, “Each travel venture helps our people grow and gives us incentive to work harder. As we meet others who share our desire to succeed, it furthers our resolve to get results and hit targets so we can attend the next function.”

About Imminent Inc.:

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Source: Imminent Inc